Nutrition Consultations
Dr. Thunes will assess your current concerns and create a complete feeding program for your individual horse or entire barn
Veterinary Consulting
Dr. Thunes is also available for collaboration both in person and via video conferencing with veterinary practices seeking nutritional support for their patients.
Corporate Consulting
With extensive experience as a consulting nutritionist to international feed and supplement companies, Dr. Thunes is a valuable asset in any phase of development
Educational Engagements
Dr. Clair Thunes is a dynamic speaker and educator dedicated to empowering horse owners with the knowledge to make sound decisions when it comes to feeding their herd



Expert Analysis & Investigation

Dr. Thunes is also available for collaboration both in person and via video conferencing with veterinary practices seeking nutritional support for their patients based on the latest scientific research. Offering regular or emergent nutritional analysis support increases a veterinary practice’s value to clientele. Her investigative style is complementary to complex cases requiring the services of an equine nutritionist.

Dr. Thunes' veterinary consulting services include:

Full nutrition analysis of horse with physiological concerns
Collaborative case analysis with veterinarian
Forage analysis for patients
Client and practitioner seminars for continuing education requirements
Provision of nutrition articles for use in practice newsletters


  • Katherine Fertig, DVM
    Orange County Equine
    Dr. Thunes has been a trusted and reliable resource to our veterinary practice for nutritional consultations. She has developed feeding plans for many of my patients, and they have thrived under her guidance. She has been especially helpful with my nutritionally difficult patients, including endocrine dysfunction, recurrent gastric ulcers, and muscular disorders. Her plans are detailed and well researched, but best of all they deliver real results.
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    We started working with Dr. Thunes to start over with her expertise to give him the best opportunity to regain his health.  We provided her with all the information she requested, and we had lots of questions and concerns.  She patiently listened, and then she went to work.  Dr. Thunes gave us a roadmap to get Snowy back to better health.  We implemented her plan, and we saw him improve.
    We’ve learned that life is unpredictable with a geriatric horse with PPID.  When Snowy has had some setbacks, Dr. Thunes has been there for us to help us figure it out.  This has taken a huge burden away from us, knowing his nutritional needs are being met in changing circumstances.
    Recently the situation has changed again.  Due to aging teeth and poor dentition, Snowy can no longer properly chew and digest hay.  Quickly, Dr. Thunes helped us transition him to a fortified pelleted diet, and we’re hoping to add back some pelleted or cubed hay to give him more variety and to restore his equine identity.
    Through all these challenges over the past year, Dr. Thunes has been genuinely caring and concerned while being very professional and thorough.  Looking back, I’m sure that Snowy is much happier and healthier with Dr. Thunes’ dietary guidance than if we had attempted to navigate these changes on our own, and I’m very grateful for the “Clairity” she provides!
  • Dr Phoebe Smith DVM
    DACVIM (LAIM) of Riviera Equine
    Dr. Thunes' approach to equine nutrition is both scientific and practical, and her recommendations are very specific for the individual horse. Clair recognizes that each horse's nutritional needs are different, and influenced by genetics, exercise level, body type, and medical conditions. She works with me to create appropriate, sustainable diets for elite athletes as well as retired and pleasure horses. Dr. Thunes' expertise in equine nutrition allows me to focus on internal medicine, while she supports my patients nutritionally.
  • Dr. Dan Sweet DVM
    Sweet River Equine Clinic
    Equine Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Clair Thunes, presented at our annual client education seminar at Sweet River Equine Clinic, Inc. in 2019. I spoke to Dr. Thunes before our meeting and she offered really good ideas for the talk, including Understanding Forages and Digestive Anatomy and Physiology, among others. I decided on the forage topic.
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    Dr. Thunes gave a wonderful presentation discussing the composition of different forages, what each type may be lacking or have in excess, and how to build a diet around your forage so that it is properly balanced.

     Dr. Thunes’ presentation was interesting, informative, and kept everyone engaged--she is a very good speaker! The audience had lots of questions which Dr. Thunes was great at answering.

    Dr. Thunes kept the presentation generic, which I liked. This was a valuable addition to our educational seminar. Our clients came away better informed about nutrition and with the feeling that they are providing the best care for their horses.

    I think that this is a great service that Dr. Thunes provides.

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