Nutrition Consultations
Dr. Thunes will assess your current concerns and create a complete feeding program for your individual horse or entire barn
Veterinary Consulting
Dr. Thunes is also available for collaboration both in person and via video conferencing with veterinary practices seeking nutritional support for their patients.
Corporate Consulting
With extensive experience as a consulting nutritionist to international feed and supplement companies, Dr. Thunes is a valuable asset in any phase of development
Educational Engagements
Dr. Clair Thunes is a dynamic speaker and educator dedicated to empowering horse owners with the knowledge to make sound decisions when it comes to feeding their herd



Feeding horses can be stressful

Am I feeding too much?
Am I feeding too little?
Do I need this supplement?
How much forage do I need to feed?
Are all my horse’s nutritional needs met?
How do I provide excellent nutritional support to my recovering horse?
The number of different available commercial feeds and supplements on the market can be mind-boggling. Balancing a horse’s forage and feed can often be a guessing game, and any chronic or acute ailment or disease adds another complex layer to the feeding puzzle.

A Collaborative Experience for Optimal Nutrition

Clarity Equine Nutrition’s individual equine nutrition consultations remove the guesswork from providing balanced nutrition tailored for a horse’s particular needs. Using decades of experience, education, and current scientific research, Dr. Thunes will assess your current concerns and create a complete feeding program for your individual horse or entire barn. Dr. Thunes understands that your horse is a unique individual. By combining decades of horse and industry experience with your first-hand insight as an owner, Dr. Thunes creates a custom diet designed around age, breed, current condition, ideal body weight, performance level, and health concerns.

How it works:

Choose and pay for the consultation that best fits your needs from the below plans. Please note that we accept installment payments through PayPal.
Complete and submit our simple step-by-step intake form. This process requires current photos and body scores.**  (Optimum Health and Performance Solution and Specialized Wellness Solution ONLY)
Schedule your dietary consultation.
Discuss your horse’s unique concerns and weekly routine during your Dietary Consultation with Dr. Thunes.
Receive a detailed Diet Plan including specific product recommendations and feeding amounts via email. (Optimum Health and Performance Solution and Specialized Wellness Solution ONLY)
**In person and farm visits are also available upon request.

Have further questions about the process?
Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions.



Q & A Consultation



  • 45 minute phone consultation with recommended general changes to your horse’s diet. (This does NOT include a detailed diet plan.)


  • Owners with a specific question about an element of their horse’s existing diet.
  • Owners with a specific question about adding a single supplement.
  • Owners with a specific question about forage.
  • Owners with any question unrelated to entire dietary change or answerable within 45 minutes. Questions requiring a more detailed plan will be referred to the Optimum Health and Performance Solution or Specialized Wellness Solution as needed.

Optimum Health and Performance Solution



  • Dietary Consultation – A phone consultation with Dr. Thunes to discuss your horse’s current diet, daily and weekly routine, and performance goals.
  • Diet Plan – A detailed feeding regimen outlining specific product recommendations by Dr. Thunes including weighed amounts and feeding frequency.


  • Healthy horses in need of a maintenance or performance based diet.

Specialized Wellness Solution



  • Dietary Consultation – A phone consultation with Dr. Thunes to discuss your horse’s current diet, daily and weekly routine, and unique health concerns.
  • Diet Plan – A detailed feeding regimen outlining specific product recommendations by Dr. Thunes including weighed amounts and feeding frequency.


  • Horses in growing life stages (i.e. lactating or breeding mares, breeding stallions, foals, or growing young stock)
  • Horses with specific dietary needs (i.e. malnourished, overweight, prone to founder)
  • Horses suffering from acute or chronic ailments (i.e. insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s (PPID), PSSM 1 and 2, myofibrillar myopathy, HYPP, recurrent colic, gastric ulcers, fecal water syndrome, colitis, allergies)
  • Horses recovering from surgery or on stall rest

Ongoing Support



  • 6 months of unlimited email support related to any Diet Plan delivered in the Optimum Health and Performance Solution or Specialized Wellness Solution


  • Owners implementing a plan over the course of several months
  • Owners expecting to see gradual changes to horse’s health requiring possible diet adjustments
  • Owners with dietary concerns based on seasonal changes (i.e. laminitis or founder prone horses)

Additional Horse



  • An Optimum Health and Performance Solution Diet Plan for an additional horse.


  • Owners with multiple horses that need their own diet plans.
**For those needing diet plans for barns or larger numbers of horses please request an estimate as additional discounts may apply.


  • Melinda A. Moros
    After a diagnosis of PPID, everything changes. Once healthy and resilient (an “easy keeper”), our 30-ish arab Snowy developed issues with inappetence, lameness, and digestive issues. We discontinued sweet treats and soaked his hay, but things just weren’t working. It was frustrating, and we were concerned about his overall health. As first-time horse owners, what had been a simple and easy diet for him became especially challenging. We want him to be as healthy and happy as possible for a long time.
    Read More
    We started working with Dr. Thunes to start over with her expertise to give him the best opportunity to regain his health.  We provided her with all the information she requested, and we had lots of questions and concerns.  She patiently listened, and then she went to work.  Dr. Thunes gave us a roadmap to get Snowy back to better health.  We implemented her plan, and we saw him improve.
    We’ve learned that life is unpredictable with a geriatric horse with PPID.  When Snowy has had some setbacks, Dr. Thunes has been there for us to help us figure it out.  This has taken a huge burden away from us, knowing his nutritional needs are being met in changing circumstances.
    Recently the situation has changed again.  Due to aging teeth and poor dentition, Snowy can no longer properly chew and digest hay.  Quickly, Dr. Thunes helped us transition him to a fortified pelleted diet, and we’re hoping to add back some pelleted or cubed hay to give him more variety and to restore his equine identity.
    Through all these challenges over the past year, Dr. Thunes has been genuinely caring and concerned while being very professional and thorough.  Looking back, I’m sure that Snowy is much happier and healthier with Dr. Thunes’ dietary guidance than if we had attempted to navigate these changes on our own, and I’m very grateful for the “Clairity” she provides!
  • Kristine Janisko Arizona
    "Clair has provided detailed, easy to follow diets for my horses during their foal and growing years and onwards in to their competitive riding careers. This includes working with my special case 18:1hh dressage horse with shivers. She has my horses on the perfect diet that I can find locally. It is important to me as a horse owner to ensure I am treating my horses as athletes, and giving them the best possible nutrition and Clair helps me to achieve this. People always comment on how fantastic my horses look even when they just see them in their stalls. Not only do they look great, they feel energetic and strong under saddle!"
  • Patti Webber-Lee
    I’ve been working with Clair Thunes for 8+ years with 3 of my horses. Clair is so helpful and has helped put my horses on the right track with nutrition and helps me to understand what I need to know. She explains things technically, and helps guide us to the right path of good nutrition.  I give Clair all the important information, so she puts together a good nutrition plan.
    Read More
    Clair has helped me with my 40+ year old gelding, Hank, that needed help from Clair in his senior years and my 15 year old mare, Mocha that was colic prone. And now, Clair’s helping me with my 18 year old mare, Dancer with her nutritional needs, including her needs for being laminitic prone and ulcer prone.  
    Clair has made a difference with my horses to be happy and healthy.  Good nutrition is part of the foundation for a healthy and happy horse. Clair is a top notch nutritionist.  I highly recommend Clair Thunes.
  • Robin Shen
    My horse started having problems after an accident with a fence required her to undergo surgery. The hospital stay and subsequent recovery process created complications that resulted in a separate incidence of founder. Additionally, the recuperation required months of stall rest with one foot foundering and another in a hard cast. After a year of recuperation she foundered again; this time due to the onset of cushings.
    Read More
    Her condition was abysmal and she was at the advanced age of 20. With my horse unable to graze in green pastures and sorely in need of some help I found Clair on line and engaged her services.
    The process was simple and painless. I sent her the blood test results that I got from the cushings test and some pictures. Shortly thereafter, I received her nutritional recommendations which I implemented as soon as I acquired the ingredients.
    Six weeks later, the results have been phenomenal and at 21 my horse is as strong, fit, and agile as the horses half her age at the barn.  Topeline development which seems often impossible for older horses and doubly so for those afflicted with cushings has never been better. The pictures don't lie.
    I highly recommend getting a nutritional analysis from Clair and will personally be entering my other horses into a program as I am now firmly convinced that you cannot get out of a horse what you didn't put in.

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