Nutrition Consultations
Dr. Thunes will assess your current concerns and create a complete feeding program for your individual horse or entire barn
Veterinary Consulting
Dr. Thunes is also available for collaboration both in person and via video conferencing with veterinary practices seeking nutritional support for their patients.
Corporate Consulting
With extensive experience as a consulting nutritionist to international feed and supplement companies, Dr. Thunes is a valuable asset in any phase of development
Educational Engagements
Dr. Clair Thunes is a dynamic speaker and educator dedicated to empowering horse owners with the knowledge to make sound decisions when it comes to feeding their herd

Nutrition Consultations


What info will I need for my consultation?

You will need the following information about your horse before and during our consultation:
Basics (Name, Age, Breed, Gender)
Work Level
Typical week’s schedule (stabling, turnout, work)
Current diet (hay, feed, supplements by exact weight)
Measurements and body scores (how-to instructions will be provided to you)

What equipment will I need?

You will need the following:
Scale for weighing hay (fish or luggage scales recommended)
Scale for weighing feed and supplements (kitchen scale in ounces recommended)
A weight tape
Fabric tape measure longer than 60 inches (can substitute weight tape if also marked for measuring height)
Camera (mobile phone camera or hand-held camera recommended)

Will you tell me exactly what to feed my horse?

Yes. Each plan provides the following:
Q & A Consultations - Recommendations for diet changes that will make sure your horse’s nutrition is on the right track. Exact products and amounts may not be provided
Optimum Health and Performance Solution – A complete diet prescription including the exact products and amounts to be fed each day.
Specialized Wellness Solution - A complete diet prescription including the exact products and amounts to be fed each day.

When should I start to see an effect after changing my horse’s diet?

Depending on what health concerns were originally considered during the nutrition consultation, you’ll begin to notice some changes such as improved coat quality and better digestive health approximately 3 to 6 weeks after their new diet is fully implemented. Changes such as hoof quality will take longer. However, if their new diet is not expected to produce any obvious change, you can still rest assured that your horse’s diet is properly balanced and meeting his needs.

Do I need to have a hay analysis to do a consultation?

No. While a hay analysis is helpful, it is not necessary and often not realistic if your hay changes frequently. We will use average nutrient values for the same type of hay that you are feeding from your geographic region if you do not have an analysis. If you would like to get your hay tested, let us know, and we can set you up with a lab.

Will you consider feeds that are more easily available to me?

Yes. While my first priority is formulating a diet best suited to your horse’s needs, my second priority is to aid the owner in the feeding process to include consideration of feeds easily available to you either in your area or online.

Can you create a diet that does not include any commercial feeds?

I am always willing to work with owner preferences when it comes to inclusion or exclusion of certain products, however if I strongly feel a certain product or type of feed you wish to avoid positively impacts your horse’s health we will discuss its benefits at length.

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