Nutrition Consultations
Dr. Thunes will assess your current concerns and create a complete feeding program for your individual horse or entire barn
Veterinary Consulting
Dr. Thunes is also available for collaboration both in person and via video conferencing with veterinary practices seeking nutritional support for their patients.
Corporate Consulting
With extensive experience as a consulting nutritionist to international feed and supplement companies, Dr. Thunes is a valuable asset in any phase of development
Educational Engagements
Dr. Clair Thunes is a dynamic speaker and educator dedicated to empowering horse owners with the knowledge to make sound decisions when it comes to feeding their herd


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Feeding your horse for a long distance road trip

Whether you are travelling south for the winter to escape the cold or for competitions, travelling long distance can be […]
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Pumpkin, Trick of Treat?

As we head into the Halloween weekend it may have got you thinking about what seasonal treats you can prepare […]
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Trailering Tips For Your Spring Season

Competition season is upon us which means transporting your horses long distances to shows. As tough as trailering can be […]
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A New Method for Deworming Horses

Every 3 months, you find yourself  staring at a shelf full of dewormers with more questions than answers. More often […]
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Gearing Up For The New Season With Endurance and Speed Work

Now that we are moving into spring, competition season is upon us!Prepare your horse or keep up their fitness by […]
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Feeding the 3rd Trimester Mare, Part 2

Minerals Chloride, copper, iodine, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium all have an increased requirement for the last trimester. […]
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Feeding the 3rd Trimester Mare, Part 1

Pregnant mares must consume enough nutrients to both maintain their own body weight throughout the pregnancy and also to create […]
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Improving Stallion Fertility through Nutrition

As long as your stallion is in good weight and is receiving a balanced diet, supplementing additional vitamins and minerals […]
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Managing Hoof Abscesses

At the barn where my daughter rides we seem to be in the thick of abscess season. I have a […]
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Gear Up For The New Season With Long Slow Work

This time of year can make for some miserable riding. Whether it is freezing cold or pouring rain it can […]
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Probiotics - to feed or not to feed?

Probiotics or direct-fed-microbials (DFM’s) are living microorganisms typically bacteria or yeasts that when administered in adequate amounts, provide some benefit […]
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Managing the Hard Keeper

When adding fat to the diet for weight gain it is important to insure that the diet remains well balanced. […]
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Hay Analysis Part III: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates Carbohydrates come in many forms some of which are structural and found in plant cell walls and others which […]
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How to be Prepared for a Feed Recall

The tragic death of several horses in the California Central Valley due to ionophore contaminated feed serves as a reminder […]
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Hay Analysis Part II: Judging Quality

Deciphering the analysis results  So you've had your hay tested and have the results back. Now what? What does it […]
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How to Sample your Hay for Analysis

Regardless of the horse, forage should be the foundation of their ration.  Even those with the best pastures will find […]
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Are you loving your horse to death?

It's the season for love, but are you guilty of loving your horse too much? ‘Tis the season of Cupid […]
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Tips For Weathering A Storm

Those of us in Northern California are battening down for what may be the largest storm in 6 years. With […]
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Feed before work? Well yes actually!

Feed before fast work? Well yes actually! I grew up hearing that you should not feed before work and especially […]
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Some Special Considerations For Getting Your Older Horse Through The Winter

When I was a kid I used to ride my pony Timmie in the Best Veterans classes at the local […]
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How Do Horses Thermoregulate When It Is Cold? Part II

In my last blog post I discussed management techniques for keeping your horse warm as well as ways horses keep […]
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How Do Horses Thermoregulate When It Is Cold? Part I

I just got back from a trip to England and it is colder here in California than it was there!  […]
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Understanding Energy Balance

Simplistically stated, when energy in equals energy out, body condition is maintained.  This means that if the energy content of […]
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Body Condition Scoring

Body condition scoring (BCS) is an objective method of evaluating a horse’s level of condition by palpating and visually assessing […]
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The Skinny on Energy Units and Terms

Ever wonder what a calorie really is? It’s the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1gram […]
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Equine Endocrinology Summit Summary 2012

Every year numerous scientific meetings occur where those working in specific fields get together to discuss their research.  These meetings are […]
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10 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Winter (in no particular order)

A little forethought now will make your winter so much more pleasant.  Think back to last Winter what worked, what […]
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Preventing Infectious Disease: Part 2

Last week in our blog post our friend Dr Alana McQuarry shared some measures you can take to help keep […]
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Preventing Infectious Disease: Part 1

With news of another neurologic EHV-1 case in Southern California at the end of March it is clear that we […]
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Understanding The Needs of The Senior Horse: Environment

For this third part in my senior horse series I am going to cover some environmental factors that may negatively […]
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Understanding fructans

Ever wonder why all that beautiful spring grass can be a problem for your horse and why spring grass seems […]
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Understanding The Needs of The Senior Horse: Dental Care

In my introduction to this series on the care and management of the older horse (which you can find here) […]
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Understanding The Needs of The Senior Horse: Introduction

This weekend while at the Pomona Horse Expo I spoke to numerous owners of senior horses.  Maybe it was because […]
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